NPAS Accreditation is restricted to companies and institutions who are Executive members of the Student Accommodation Association.

NPAS Accreditation is optional and should not be pursued if there is any doubt as to the applicant’s capacity to fully commit to providing accommodation for the exclusive use of students. SAA Executive members can decide which properties within their portfolio they put forward for NPAS Accreditation. There is no requirement for all properties within an Executive member’s portfolio to be NPAS accredited but only the specific properties that have been formally accredited can be branded with the NPAS stamp and promoted as NPAS accredited.


Application & Assessment

An Executive member must complete and submit an application form to the SAA National Committee, for accreditation on a property by property basis.

An application fee is payable at the time of submitting the application. The fee is not refundable.

The SAA has developed minimum standards with which student accommodation must comply in order to be NPAS accredited. Broadly, these standards relate to the applicant’s business profile (including legal compliance), facility and amenity provisions, management model and operational standards. All applications will be assessed by SAA against these standards.  


Stamp of quality

Properties assessed by SAA to have met a set of minimum standards developed by SAA will be offered a brand licence agreement (BLA) by SAA to use the NPAS brand as permitted under that BLA. A licence fee will be payable upon execution of the BLA. The fee is not refundable in the event the BLA is terminated.

The SAA envisages that education providers, students and industry stakeholders will identify the NPAS brand with quality student accommodation.

NPAS Accreditation is intended to provide a ‘stamp of quality’ enabling students to make an informed choice about their accommodation choice. 

Assessment process

NPAS Fee Structure

*Fees represent a cost inclusive of GST and are subject to change.


The National Property Accreditation Scheme aims to identify individual properties that are being operated to a set of industry led minimum standards for the exclusive use of students with a focus on student safety and wellbeing.


Applicant properties will be assessed under five accreditation categories:

University Managed

Commercial Purpose Built Student Accommodation

Residential College

Commercially Managed Housing Portfolio

Student Hostel


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